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Not been much happening, everythings pretty similar to how it was.
Work again tomorrow, and got to take Georgia's friend to the hospital again beforehand.
Then after work going to a house party so yay, I'm looking forward to that.
Still skinted at the minute, until the 30th, although I might be getting some money owed off people before that so woot.

Parents get back tomorrow, so I'm not looking forward to the backlash that will undoubtably follow, no matter how tidy the house is and how nice I am I still get it in the neck from them.

Things in general are alright, in a bit of a downer mood, just had a bit of bad luck this past week, nothing too major, just building up kind of stuff.
I'll be alraatee.

Things are kind of progressing with Arron alright, which is a bonus.

I'm a rather paranoid person in general and tend to jump to conclusions, which I need to stop doing, learning curve I guess, I've been a bit worse this week, not sure why.
Feel like I need some sort of security in a way, like I'm kind of just floating aimlessly.
Nothing I'm hugely concerned about, its just making me feel slightly vunerable, possibly PMT...?

I hope I feel better soon anyways
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So much to say...

So me and Arron have been back on properly, he doesn't want to get back with his ex-girlfriend which is all good, he just needs to talk to his friends, and his ex to make it clear and to give them some time to accept it so they don't hate me.
Which is fair enough, he said the other night he wanted to go out with me really soon too which is cool.
So I'll start with last Tuesday as to what's been going off.
We all went to the pub quiz and Jonno, Arron, Keighly and Aaron came back to mine, we proceeded to get ridiculously drunk, and Jonno became really, really poorly.
So I spent pretty much all night looking after him, whilst trying to drag Arron's lifeless body off the stairs and into a bed, I failed.
Long story short me and Jonno ended up sharing a bed (nothing happened) we just basically talked and I looked after him all night and he said I was a good friend.
So all good, then the next morning about 5am when me and Jonno were comatose Arron came upstairs and saw us in bed together, I went downstairs at 8am and he was sat there looking dead annoyed.
He was annoyed, I could tell he was annoyed but he said he was fine, me and him slept for a few hours on my bedroom floor cos Jonno was still comatose in my bed, I went downstairs about 11 and talked to Keighly then when Arron got up I explained what hadn't cracked off and Keighly made a joke out of it and it was all good he was fine.

Notts on Friday was also miiiiiiiiiiiint, got absolutely hammered, pretend-kissed with Keighly and Andrea, pulled 7 guys (didn't kiss them, just got chatted up/got numbers etc), and had suuuuch a gooood time.

Not much else to write.
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So so so much to say but I'm at work so I can't! Argh.
I'll try and do an entry later but Arron's staying over again so might not get chance.
Things are going well.
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So lots to say really.
As I mentioned, I've been seeing a real boy, without a girlfriend (!) for a few weeks now.
Things started off cool because we've worked together for ages and we ended up kissing one night because we invited him out and he stayed over with me Ki and Aaron.
Then we went down town the following week and I kissed boy number 1, again. =/.
Then with a little lecture off some friends told him I couldn't cause him to cheat on his girlfriend anymore but still want to be friends, so me and him are officially done for good now.
So that night I also ended up kissing Arron (not to be confused with Keighly's boyfriend Aaron) and started meeting up with him the following week.
All was good and chilled and no pressure to get together, just generally enjoying eachothers company.
I kept ending up staying at his house, we just hung out together, watched scrubs until 2am, drank coffee etc, he'd been single for a year, I'd been single for 4-5 months, I'd recently shook off WK, so no complications, easy as pie.
Then his ex comes rolling back onto the scene, girl who was with him for 4 years, left him out of the blue for someone else decides to come strolling back after a year.
Literally a week after we start meeting up.
I'm going to rename sods law 'Alex's law'.
Anyways, after complaining and moaning to my friends, I pretend everything is still cool, which it is, except he still doesn't know what he wants.
Thats for him to make his mind up on.
So yeah, kind of in limbo at the moment, I think he just doesn't want to get into anything too fast either way, which is fair enough so just leaving it, still meeting up with him but not asking if he knows what he wants every half hour.

Anyways my parents are away from Monday for a week and a bit, so he's coming round Monday night, I'm going to cook him some nice food (!), wear nice underwear, get his favourite alcohol in, etc.
So I'm hoping soo sooo much that it goes well Monday night, I don't know how to take him as of yet.
He's really funny, can be slightly cocky, knows how to wind me up very easily, and how to stop me being wound up, knows me scarily well actually and I really don't like that at all.
Problem is he's hot and cold at the minute, one minute he's lovely, like the first week we were meeting up it was all 'I haven't felt this way in ages/I really like you/love spending time with you' now its mainly long silences, intense stares, awkwardness because I never know whether its okay to kiss him or not.
I know its not his fault because he's confused but it drives me mad.
He freaks out as well if I try and ask him where I stand.
I'm not meaning to make him out to be a bad guy by the way because I like spending time with him and he's great, I guess he's just major confused.
Anyway my general gist is that I hope Monday night goes fantastically, because I find it really hard to please him and I hope I can.
He's also going to his ex's house Tuesday night for tea, to see her parents.

The WK situation died a death, I'll explain why.
He essentially disappeared off the face of the planet.
After all this commotion of 'I really like you/I can't stand my girlfriend/I've liked you for so long/I want to meet up with you etc' he disappeared.
I gave him a good few weeks to get in touch, I sent him a text, got no reply.
Anyways I started to meet up with Arron, when I get information from a reliable source that WK has been saying very similar things to another female, the same time he started saying these things to me.
So I decided I was done with him.
He is still going to get an earful next time I see him alone, woe betide him is all I'm going to say because he led me up the garden path good and proper.
Anyways seen him with this girlfriend he allegedly can't stand and they seem happy enough and he's blanking out that anything even happened, acting normal with me.
And I bought him a present just because I saw it and thought of him.
I'm an idiot.


Got Alisa's birthday outing down Nottingham to look forward to, my parents being away, two weeks off college for Easter, booked a holiday with Keighly's family and Aaron to Turkey for two weeks in October.
So I'm rather happy at the moment.
Wasn't able to secure a glastonbury ticket though, but you win some you lose some haha.

I should really go as I have to be up early to take my sisters friend to the hospital, but thats another story for another day.
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Not really been up to much lately,
Just the usual stuff, working, college, chilling out with my friends.
Dan came back with Sascha last week which was cool, went down town etc which was fun.
Just college and seeing my father today I think, work tomorrow night.
Been seeing this guy called Arron lately, its nice spending time with him, I like him.
Anyways nothing much to report, everythings all good at the moment really, aside from hormonal times as I'm near my period.
I must go and shower now.
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I keep having very vivid dreams about a certain someone.
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I've got to learn to be more patient!
Like really much.
This time in a month I should know one way or the other, just four weeks, need to be more patient.
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You say it's not what you do,
It's what you're thinking of
Well I think its just an excuse,
It�s what you put across

'Cos I don't wanna be the one,
Only overjoyed
I don't wanna be the one,
Making all the noise
Yeah, I don't wanna be the one

So make sure you're thinking it through,
You've let me down again
Offer me something I know you really meant

'Cos I don't wanna be the one,
Only overjoyed
I don't wanna be the one,
Making all the noise
Yeah, I don't wanna be the one, hey

What you gonna offer now?

I don't wanna be the one,
Only overjoyed
I don't wanna be the one,
Making all the noise
Yeah, I don't wanna be the one, hey

What you gonna offer now?

What you gonna offer now?

This was not my idea,
Don't you keep me waiting

What you gonna offer now?

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